Pottery Playce Takeout
Hi! This is the ordering form for a take-home painting kit from the Pottery Playce! We wanted our customers to still have the fun of painting ceramics during this time in a safe and healthy way, so we are providing to-go packages with everything you need! You will be able to choose the from a selection of pieces you would usually find in our store, along with all of our colors so you can paint from the comfort of your home! Please give us a call at 781-826-0254 if you have any questions! We thank you for supporting small businesses during this time!
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Please fill out the form below with all information needed to place your order for takeout pottery. Along with your pieces and colors that you will choose below, you will also receive a pallet and paintbrushes for each piece, and an instructive sheet. You can either choose from the list of pieces below or choose a kit at the bottom!

After the order is placed, you will receive a call confirming the order and we will let you know the price and the pickup time (whatever works best for you!). At this set time, you will come to our store to pay and pickup your package! Once your pieces are finished being painted (this mostly likely won't take more than a week), you can drop off the package at our store and you will get a call when they are done being glazed and fired!
Your total will be the price of your piece(s) and a studio fee.

*The studio fee is for glazing and firing.
$10 for one piece
$20 for two or more pieces
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