Advanced Lectures Feedback Survey: Thursday
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Singing and Dancing with Leslie Nolte
Opening: Welcome Resiliency & Vitality
Timeline & Functional Medicine Review
When The Music Stopped with Bob Cafaro
Beyond the Label: A Physical, Mental, Emotional and SpiritualApproach to Mental Health, Dr. Christine Bjorndal, ND
Chair Yoga with Alene Brennan
Pearls from a Physical Therapist and Wahls Certified Health ProfessionalSheryl Poremba PT, CCM
Heal Thyself-Tame The Inner Critic, Dr. Christine Bjorndal, ND
Lyme Disease and Infections in Autoimmune Disease, Dr. Darin Ingles, ND + Discussion with Terry Wahls MD
Love, Intimacy, & Sexuality with Disabilities and Illness -YES WE CAN!Aaron & Kate Wolovsky, Marriage and Family Trainee/ProfessionalClinical Counseling Trainee + Social Hour
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