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Dungeons and Dragons 5E Forgotten Realms Continued
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3 Gear Games Season RPG Program June - August 2020

"Welcome to the sleepy little river town of Daggerford along the Shining River. It is a walled town of around 300 permanent residents, the duke, and his family. Outside the walled town are a number of farming hamlets within a day’s walk (15-20 miles) and a few estates of minor nobility. North along the High Road is Waterdeep. Beyond its walls adventure abounds. The adventure continues at 10th level."

Day: Every Thursday ( From June - August)
Time: 6pm - 10pm
DM: Damon Dienhart
Slots: Open: 6
Rating: PG-13

Cost: $5 a session (Game Room Pass)
We understand not everyone is able to pay due to the Covid-19 crisis so passes will be handled on the honor system for the time being for those that are able to pick them up. ( You will not be penalized if you are unable to pay at this time)

By signing up you acknowledged that you have read and agree to the following:
Please read our code of conduct: https://www.3gearstudios.com/service/code-of-conduct/

-You will abide by the rules of the game room, including the use of the X card which are posted inside the store. Failure to do so may result in warnings, to being asked to leave the game/store.

-For online games please PM the GM if you are feeling uncomfortable about the game for any reason.

-We understand life happens, if you are unable to attend or need to drop the game, please notify the store and GM as soon as possible, so they can plan accordingly.

-We have your permission to notify you via the contact information you provide below, regarding any changes to this game and share it with your GM.

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This adventure runs for 3 months, please let the store / GM know if you are unable to attend a session or if you have to drop the game so we can replace your spot. Please note it is okay if you are unable to attend every session.
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