OurChurch.Com Survey - February 2019
February is Love Your Website month at OurChurch.Com. Our hope is that every organization absolutely loves their website! We know that's not always the case, so this month we're making an extra effort to hear what you love and don't love about your website, what you love and don't love about our WP-EZ Website Builder, where you're stuck, how we can improve our help pages, video tutorials, and support.

And we're going to have some fun by mixing in a Valentine's theme.

Please complete this month's survey to help us better understand your perspective.

Paul Steinbrueck

Did you read the announcement "10 Ways to Grow Your Love for Your Website?" *
One reason some people don't love their website is because they opt for a free site that doesn't have its own domain name, our best themes, our drag-and-drop page editor or premium page layouts. Do you love your ministry or business enough to upgrade your free site to get the tools that will help you better live out your mission online? If yes, click here to select your hosting package - https://www.ourchurch.com/best-christian-church-web-hosting-services/ *
How much do you love your website's theme? (That's the header, background, footer and overall structure of your website that is the same throughout your site) *
You can see all the themes currently available for the WP-EZ Website Builder here: https://www.ourchurch.com/wp-ez-christian-church-themes/ We continue to build new themes. What's the URL of a website that has a theme you'd like us to create for WP-EZ?
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Do you have a logo? If not, are you interested in our logo design service? https://www.ourchurch.com/church-logo-design/ *
Some people don't love their website because when they visit it, it says "not secure" next to the web address. An SSL certificate (or SSL) encrypts data sent between a website visitor and the server where the website is hosted. When your website has an SSL, most web browsers will indicate "Secure" rather than "Not Secure" in the web browser address bar. Websites with SSLs also get a boost in search rankings from Google. How important do you think it is for your website to have an SSL? *
OCC offers SSLs for $9.95/mo. (Order here: https://myocc.ourchurch.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=78 ) How interested are you in getting an SSL for your website? *
Sometimes when a relationship is going through a rough patch or even when things are going well, it helps to see a counselor and get a fresh perspective on how to improve things. The same is true with a website, which is why we offer free website reviews - https://www.ourchurch.com/best-church-websites-2019/nomination-form/ Have you gotten your free review yet this year? *
Everyone loves a website that generates revenue for their ministry or business. Online giving has been shown to increase giving to churches and nonprofits as well as help people to give more consistently. Is your organization accepting online giving? *
Everyone loves a website that is easy to work with. How easy do you think it is to use our WP-EZ Website Builder *
What could we do to make WP-EZ easier to use?
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What do you think of the video tutorials we have available at https://www.ourchurch.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List *
What could we do to improve our knowledgebase? Are there additional videos you'd find helpful? Or other things we could add?
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Do you love OurChurch.com's customer service? *
Currently we offer support via phone, chat, and email/help desk Monday-Friday 11am to 5pm and are committed to responding to every question within 1 business day. Does this meet your needs? *
Our live support hours are limited because all our support staff are Christians based in the US. Other companies outsource support or hire people oversees to provide support during evening and weekend hours. What do you think about that? *
What else could we do to help you love your website?
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Do you have any other comments or questions for us? (Note we will review survey responses around March 1, so if have an urgent question please contact us directly about that)
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