2019-2020 Track Change Request Form for the 2020-2021 School Year: Holly Springs Year-Round Elementary
Dear Parents,

Families of currently enrolled HSES students who prefer a different track assignment, other than the one to which they are currently assigned, should complete this form. Administration would like to grant all requests; however, state class size limits, keeping families together on the same track, and other variables must be considered when assigning students to tracks/classrooms. You will be notified of your final track assignment for the 2020-2021 school year in the late spring (May). Thank you for your understanding and support. *Deadline February 28, 2020*

Danielle Clark

The parent/custodian submitting this track change request acknowledges that both parents/custodians of this student are in agreement with this request being submitted. In cases where one parent/custodian has sole custody of the student, the person submitting this track change request acknowledges his/her legal authority to do so.

El padre/la madre/el tutor legal que somete esta petición de cambio de sección (“track”) verifica que ambos padres/tutores legales de este estudiante están de acuerdo con la entrega de esta petición. En los casos en que uno de los padres o el tutor legal tiene custodia exclusiva del estudiante, la persona que somete esta petición de cambio de sección (“track”) verifica que tiene la autoridad legal de hacerlo.
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