Santa Fe GPU Hackathon Team Application
The 2019 Santa Fe GPU Hackathon will be taking place at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe, NM from March 11 through March 15.

The focus of this hackathon is to have teams of developers work with expert mentors on porting or tuning applications for running on GPU platforms.

Disclaimer :
Your information is used only to contact you about the 2019 Santa Fe GPU Hackathon, to evaluate your team's readiness for the hackathon, and to help us pair your team with expert GPU programmers to serve as mentors

We ask that you don’t book any hotels or travel until you have been contacted by a representative of Fluid Numerics,LLC confirming your attendance. Thanks for applying !

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We ask that teams have at least 3 members, but no more than 6.
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Let us know who may be planning to attend with you and indicate their role in your project. What is their level of expertise in the science and software development ?
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Provide us with a description of your science, algorithms, code maturity, and the level of parallelism already implemented in your code. This information really helps us pair you with expert GPU programming mentors
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If your license is not listed in the above dropdown list, your code is not licensed, or your code is closed source, let us know a little bit more about how your code is licensed.
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