OER Course Redesign Training
Funding is available for Oregon community college instructors to participate in an online, asynchronous OER course redesign training in winter or spring 2017. This funding is not applicable to courses being redesigned with an OER Adoption Grant (apply for just one funding source per course).

OER course redesign defined: The goal of the training is to redesign an existing course using open materials in order to save students money. We will also explore open educational practices that encourage students to create or contribute to open content with a real-world purpose.

Funding details: $500 per person: $250 upon completion of training, and $250 upon completion of course redesign.

Timeline: Four training sessions will be offered during winter/spring 2017:

Winter 1: Jan 16-Feb 10
Winter 2: Feb 13-Mar 10
Spring 1: Apr 10-May 5
Spring 2: May 8-Jun 2

Completed registration forms for the first training session are due by Monday, January 9, 2017. Trainings will be filled on a rolling basis up until one week before the beginning of each session.

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You must check with your business office or grants office before answering this question. Some colleges are willing to cover costs, in which case you should enter 0. If you enter 0 and your college does not cover your OPE costs, up to 35% of your grant award may go towards employer contributions and overhead. Here are the business office contacts that Open Oregon knows of: http://tinyurl.com/businessoffices.
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