2019 State Thespian Officer Application
State Thespian Officer Policies and Procedures
Being elected as a State Thespian Office is a major accomplishment, but it is also a commitment that the Kentucky Thespian Society Board and fellow STOs takes seriously. Please be aware of the following requirements and expectations as you proceed through the process of applying, and hopefully, in accepting a position as a State Thespian Officer.

1. You must be an inducted Thespian in an ACTIVE troupe in order to apply.
2. You must have a director recommendation form filled out to accompany your application.
3. Your school troupe director must agree to make sure that they assist you in getting to meetings and festivals.
4. You must print and obtain the signatures required on the STO contract and bring it with you to Festival. STO contracts will be emailed to you after October 1st. Failure to bring your SIGNED contract to Festival will disqualify you from running for STO.
5. You must have attended the Kentucky Thespian Festival one year prior to apply for STO.

Please email kythespians@gmail.com if you have questions about the application process or you have general questions about running for STO.
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