Body Temple Illumination Session
Welcome! I'm so excited you're here.

Please complete this form as honestly as possible; your responses are 100% confidential. You will be notified via email within 24 hours to set up a call with me.

There are 3 main objectives of this call:

1. To shine the light for you to know and really understand what's not working in your health and in your life and how all of these things are connected.

2. To give you access to the ways you can heal and shift the blocks that are keeping you stuck.

3. To provide the opportunity for you to learn more on how you can continue to receive the support and accountability you need to make lasting change.

About the call itself:

Upon acceptance of your form, I will email you a link to book a call directly on my calendar. I have limited availability for these calls and I honor your time; please give me at least 24hrs in the event you have an emergency and need to reschedule.

During the call, please be in a quiet place where you are comfortable, uninterrupted and able to speak freely. Typically, the call will last about 45 minutes, plan accordingly.

Don't forget to check your inbox (or spam/junk folder or Promotions tab if you use gmail) for next steps.

Massive Love,

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My work is a unique intersection, where SCIENCE (functional medicine, nutrition, environmental toxins, etc.) and SPIRIT (intuitive guidance and ritual) come together. Are you open to this approach? *
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