Macquarie Anglican Grammar School - Parent and Community code of conduct (Sport)
At Macquarie we aim to promote fair and equal participation for all students across a wide range of sporting events and carnivals. To further enhance our ability to provide this safe environment for participation we have developed a code of behaviour and code of conduct for parents a spectators at all Macquarie events. Please read the information below and we look forward to working with the community to make our events safe and supportive for student at all levels.
Behaviour Code
This Code of Behaviour aims to set out the minimum standards for anyone involved in sport. It should apply when playing, training or taking part in School-sanctioned activities.

• Act within the rules and spirit of your sport.
• Promote fair play over winning at any cost.
• Encourage and support opportunities for people to learn appropriate behaviours and skills.
• Support opportunities for participation in all aspects of the sport.
• Treat each person as an individual.
• Show respect and courtesy to all involved with the sport.
• Respect the rights and worth of every person, regardless of their age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion.
• Respect the decisions of officials, coaches and administrators.
• Wherever practical, avoid unaccompanied and unobserved one-on-one activity (when in a supervisory capacity or where a power imbalance exists) with people under the age of 18.
• Display appropriate and responsible behaviour in all interactions.
• Display responsible behaviour in relation to alcohol and other drugs.
• Act with integrity and objectivity, and accept responsibility for your decisions and actions.
• Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a safe environment.
• Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a harassment-free environment.
• Do not tolerate abusive, bullying or threatening behaviour.

• Encourage your child to participate, do their best and have fun.
• Focus on your child's effort and performance, rather than winning or losing.
• Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
• Help out the coach or officials at training and games, where possible.
• Model appropriate behaviour, including respect for other players and officials.

• Respect the effort and performances of players and officials.
• Reject the use of harassment, bullying or violence in any form, whether by other spectators, coaches, officials or athletes.

Code of Conduct
Our commitment

Our school is committed to providing a safe environment for participation. Aggressive, threatening or other inappropriate behaviour by members, their families, their friends, and other sporting personnel while attending a game or event will not be tolerated.
These behaviours are outlined in our Code of Behaviour and specifically include:
• using bad language
• harassing or ridiculing players, coaches, officials or other spectators
• making racist, religious, sexist or other inappropriate comments to players, coaches, officials or other spectators
• any threatening behaviour or physical altercation between spectators and players, coaches, officials or other spectators
• putting undue pressure on children, berating them or putting down their performance
• drinking at a game or training or being drunk at a club event.

What we will do

• Provide members, their parents and other sporting personnel with our Code of Behaviour and make clear what is expected and the consequences of non-compliance.
• Reinforce messages of fair and respectful behaviour by displaying signs and posters around our facilities and providing information on our website, in our newsletter and through other club communication.
• Encourage our coaches and officials to complete training to develop their skills and confidence.
• Ban bringing alcohol to training, a game or no-alcohol club event.
• Consult with our local police and seek their support and advice on how to handle issues involving inappropriate behaviour by spectators prior to, at or after a game or event.
• Encourage the reporting of incidents and investigate inappropriate behaviours as outlined in this policy and take disciplinary or whatever other actions as are deemed necessary (e.g. appoint a ground official to monitor behaviour).
• Encourage our players, coaches, officials and spectators to call the police if they are concerned about escalating behaviour and their safety or the safety of others.

What we ask you to do

• Help create a positive atmosphere for players, officials and other spectators by showing respect for players, officials and other spectators.
• Abide by our School’s Code of Behaviour and refrain from using bad language, harassing or ridiculing others or behaving in a threatening or violent manner.
• If you are aware of inappropriate spectator behaviour and you feel confident to do so, speak with the person and ask them to stop. If there is a ground official or committee member present, ask for their assistance.
• Report any inappropriate spectator behaviour to the club president or someone in a position of authority.
• Notify a school/ club official if you are concerned for your safety or the safety of others.


Parents or others found to have behaved inappropriately, and who in through their attendance have agreed to abide by our School's Code of Behaviour and this policy, may face disciplinary action as determined by the Headmaster.

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