Yogific: Volunteer Application Form
Dear Volunteers,
We are very glad to know that you can help us during Yoga and Vegan Festivals. We request you to please fill this form.
Your Name *
Your Email *
Your Number (mobile) *
Where do you live? Please only mention the city/town. We don't need your complete address *
Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you have a special skill that can be useful for the festival such as photography, video making, music, social media, writing, public speaking etc? *
How would you describe your current diet *
Please tell us about your preferred shift timings *
You don't have to be 100% vegan or a Yoga expert to volunteer. We only request you to respect the theme of the festival and refrain from anything anti-vegan or anti-yoga on the day. Are you OK with that? *
Volunteering duties include but not limited to the following: 1) Helping at the ticket desk 2)Marshalling visitors and stallholders 3)Guarding Yoga rooms to ensure that nobody without a valid ticket gets in and that nobody disturbs the class when it is in progress 4)Putting signs/posters 5)Checking the overall management of the event 6)Giving info to visitors such as location of rooms, toilets etc. Please let us know if you are OK with these tasks *
Would you please promote our event by putting our posters at local health food stores, cafes, gyms, leisure centres, supermarkets etc? If yes, please write your postal address below. Otherwise, simply write 'no' *
We're grateful for your help and can offer you free classes (outside of your shift time), tea/coffee, some vegan snacks in return. *
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