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What problems do you help your clients solve?
How do your services help your ideal client solve her biggest problems?
Please describe your current business offerings and programs. If none yet, describe what your dream would be to offer.
How do you desire your business or ministry to look in 90 days?
What do you feel are the current obstacles keeping you from achieving success?
If you live with family, how supportive are they of your business goals?
What programs and courses have you taken to build your business?
Have you worked with a coach or private mentor before? If so, how was that experience?
What are your BEST qualities, both in life and in business?
What are your biggest weaknesses? Be very specific.
What do you think you may need to change to find success in your business?
What specifically are you expecting from me as your coach and mentor through this Intensive?
What are 10 AWESOME things about you?
Do you have any additional questions for me before our Intensive Session?
How can I be praying for you?
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