International Women's Day Tea Vendor Partnership Application
Please read in its entirety. This form helps us determine if your company is a proper fit for the purpose of International Women's Day Tea Detroit. This is a pre-approval process. You are not automatically a vendor by completing this form. If selected for vendor partnership, you will receive a link to secure your table and make your payment with applicable fees. You will have until February 1, 2018 to make your payment or you will lose the opportunity for vendor partnership at #IWDTDetroit.

Vendor partnership is not for food vendors. If your product is food related, this is not the opportunity for you. Food sponsorships are available for the event.

Vendor partnership is nonrefundable once paid. Companies/brands accepted for vendor partnership will be included in the marketing of #IWDTDetroit for 6 weeks leading up to the event to a growing audience of over 20,000 people.

Companies/brands that do not qualify for vendor partnership will have the opportunity to sponsor the event or provide samples of their items and/or business cards in gift bags for attendees of the event.

Event Date: Monday, March 12, 2018
Event Time: 6-10 pm (set up begins at 5:30 pm)
Event Location: Club Haus Detroit, 6540 Saint Antoine Street, Detroit, MI 48202 (Midtown Detroit)
#IWDTDetroit is Presented by Super Woman Productions and Publishing LLC
All Rights Reserved
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