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GFW-FB is currently only accepting applications for within the Greater Toronto Area.

GFreeWifey Foodbank' primary mission is to provide access to safe food. I work with local communities and businesses to advocate, educate and raise awareness that means inconsistently I have safe food to share with people in the community who have demonstrated limited access to safe food. If you would like to be on the distribution list complete this confidential brief application to set up a telephone interview.

*If you require access to safe gluten-free food and are not sure what you can eat you should contact you doctor, dietician or medical professional.

**You can contact the Canadian Celiac Association to learn more about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet at

***Any food or support provided by GFW-Foodbank is provided in good-faith and it is the recipients responsibility to do due diligence and ensure what they consume is safe for their individual dietary needs and restrictions.
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