IWF Mentorship Program 2021
Welcome to IWF Mentorship Program! IWF Mentorship program carried out in Autumn 2020 was a good success and received excellent feedback from all the participants. Since it was our pilot program, we indeed have lot of good learnings to take forward and cannot wait to extend it to wider audience this time. We are excited to welcome you on-board !

Mentorship is supportive and inspirational relationship based on trust and mutual respect, and its beneficial to both parties. Mentorship is a two-way relationship, which needs commitment and dedication from both parties, an open mindset and willingness to learn and develop.

IWF Mentorship Program 2021 is a platform for personal and professional development with help of expert guidance facilitated by IWF. This time we indeed want to scale up and empower the mentors and mentees by utilizing the services and resources available/accessible in other programs offered by external organizations. We will have few external partners to help us on various initiatives and seek field-specific mentorship. Irrespective of the role (Mentor/Mentee), you will have a lot to contribute and learn. However, we expect you to fully commit and be highly proactive to maximize the benefits of the program.

Would you like to be Mentor to helps others improve self-confidence, interpersonal skills, provide guidance for career paths, help them to create strategy for future goals?

Are you someone who is driven and ambitious but still seeking right guidance from someone to show you your North Star? Do you want to be Mentee to get expert guidance from some of our mentors?

During this program, mentor-mentee pair will be working together to mutually define common goals and outcomes from this collaboration. The goal is to help each other by strengthening the networking skills, increasing professional skills. The guidance can be for getting a job in Finland, changing careers paths, growing within your field or taking the huge leap you've always wanted to take. Its a platform to develop various skills in various domains.

This program will last for app. 8 months (Until December), with commitment from both parties for mutual development and growth.

For more information contact: iwfmentorship@gmail.com
Vaishali - 0401609256
Ramya - 0443001430
IWF Mentorship Program
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