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Fibershed is all about building a community that supports local fiber producers, processors, natural dyers, spinners, and weavers, knitters, crocheters, felters, clothing designers, home goods textile designers, and fabric/yarn shop keepers (and everything in between) to each other and then to consumers! A goal we have is to create a directory where all parts of the textile processing chain (yes, we're looking at you, felter-of-hats-who-doesn't-know-where-to-get-local-wool-or-what-to-do-with-finished-felted-has, and yes, we're looking at you, sheep-shearer, and, yes, we're looking at you, fashion designer, and we see you too, alpaca farmer who doesn't know what to do with your seconds after you've sheared it....!) We want you all to have a space to connect with each other and the public.

If you are working to use local fiber, local dyes, local labor, and sustainable practices and you fit any of the above categories of the fiber production chain, please fill out this survey below, and we will connect to include you in our website's directory!

If you're not sure where you fit, or if all your practices fit within the guidelines of our Fibershed, feel free to fill out the survey anyways or email us directly at with your specific concerns. We are so happy to chat!
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