Data Science Nigeria Pre-Bootcamp Hackathon on Zindi
A. Challenge topic: Expresso Churn Prediction Challenge
B. Brief intro: Predict when an airtime customer will move to another provider

To participate in this Pre-Bootcamp hackathon, please read these instructions:

1. This hackathon is open to all.
2. The hackathon will span for 2 weeks- 8 August—22 August
3. Your username on the Zindi Leaderboard must be the same as the one you submit on this form.
4. ONLY those who complete this form will get the SECRET CODE to the Hackathon.

AI+ membership ID is required but not mandatory to participate in this Hackathon, If you don't have one, get yours here:

A Zindi Username is Mandatory for this hackathon. If you don't have one, you can sign up on Zindi now:

For inquiries, please send a mail to

NB: Please take note of the notification after submitting this form.
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