About Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards
The 6th Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards 2019 (IMSHA) is an annual programme to spot, recognise and celebrate individuals & organisations who are making a difference in our communities.

This is the sixth year of our premier community award to publicly thank the unsung heroes for the inspirational work they do for the community of Iskandar Malaysia.

Organisations you would like to nominate should have the following criterias:

1. Hero Organisations (NGOs, Associations, Companies- for profits be it sole partnerships, SME, Public listed and GLC) that carry out activities to benefit the Iskandar Malaysia communities. These activities may include but not necessarily be limited to the areas of welfare, economic enhancement, education, health, social upliftment, sports and recreation, environment, youth and women.

2. Hero Organisations with a project track record of at least 18 months prior to the closing of the nomination deadline.

Individual nominees should have the following qualities:

1. Social Heroes who demonstrate admirable values and character in volunteerism that can be emulated by others.

2. Social Heroes who have consistently contributed their time, energy and resources for the betterment of others (be it organisations, societies, associations and departments) to leave a positive impact on the Iskandar Malaysia communities.

3. Social Heroes, who demonstrate strong leadership in advocating, motivating and encouraging social change in communities, organisations, associations, societies and Departments.

Nominations for IMSHA 2019 are open till July 31st 2019 and the award winners will be announced during our IMSHA 2019 Gala Night this coming October. Follow our social media to keep up with IMSHA.

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