ASP 2019 Registration Form
To register for Westborough ASP you will need to fill out this form entirely.

Before you begin, you will need 4 things:
- your social security number (for CORI background check)
- image (photo or scan) of your health insurance card, front and back (in case of emergency)
- image (photo or scan) of your signed Volunteer Covenant & Release form. This file is located on the registration page and must be signed by the volunteer and a parent if under 18.
- an image of you. For youth, a digital photo. For adults, a photo or scan of your driver's license (needed for ID and van rental.)

All items are REQUIRED for registration and must be completed by Oct 14. Incomplete registrations will not be enrolled. Youth and group leaders registering for the program will be opted in for text alerts (we use these sparingly). Parents may opt in on this form or via the web site.

Volunteer's Full First Name *
Your full legal first name. We'll need this for your CORI check.
Volunteer's Last Name *
Is there a Jr or Sr at the end of your name? Name, not grade. Example: John Smith, Jr. (Not Junior in High School.)
Nametag *
Enter the name we should use on your nametag, first name only. If that's the same as your legal first name, list your first name again. (Example: Do you prefer to be called Michael or Mike?)
Volunteer's Prior Legal Names
Please list any other prior legal names. We'll need this for your background check.
Volunteer's last 6 of your Social Security Number *
We need this to run a CORI background check. Giving us this info gives us permission to do so. PLEASE give us the last 6, not the last 4.
Volunteer's Birthday *
We need this to verify your age, and we'll use it to run the CORI background check. Giving us this info gives us permission to do so. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE YEAR. We're getting a lot of people born in 2018. Thanks!!
Male / Female *
T-Shirt Size *
Street Address *
City *
State *
Upper case please.
Zip *
Volunteer's Mobile Phone *
There's a spot for parent contact info below. Use dashes in the phone number. We will call or text you with reminders.
Home Phone
Volunteer's email address *
Email is the main way we communicate with you. (There's a spot for parent's email address below.)
Volunteer's email address again - please reenter to verify *
As we said... email is the primary way we communicate.
Church Affiliation *
Select your grade, LIT or Group Leader *
LIT: a Leader in Training, graduated but 21 or younger. GL: a Group Leader (an Adult)
Are you a returning Westborough ASP participant or a new participant? *
Does this Volunteer have any dietary concerns or restrictions? Be Specific.
Does this Volunteer require any regular medication? Be Specific.
Does this Volunteer have any other special medical needs or allergies? Be Specific.
File Upload
Upload your insurance card image(s) *
Upload your Volunteer Covenant & Release image(s) *
Upload your Photo (youth) or Driver's license (adults) image(s) *
The Prep Retreat is mandatory and is scheduled for May 10-12, 2019. It is your responsibility to put this in your calendar, ask for the time off from work and plan to attend. *
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