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Thanks for volunteering to be an Office of Social Justice or Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue social media ambassador! We're excited to gather this network of justice-seekers and dialogue-seekers...welcome!

Once you sign up, you'll receive an email every other week from your social media organizer with prompts to share posts and articles, along with an occasional extra email when we have big or urgent news that we'd like to share with you first. These biweekly emails will also include articles and tips to equip you to engage in respectful dialogues about justice issues with people who have diverse perspectives. If you live in Canada, the emails will prompt you to share about Canadian issues and articles or posts coming from either the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue or the Office of Social Justice. If you live in the U.S., you'll receive emails prompting you to share about American issues and articles or posts coming from the Office of Social Justice.

You'll also receive a monthly Google form (a bit like this one) to report back on the articles and posts that you've shared and to provide feedback on your experience in the network.

This wouldn't be a network without a way for you as social media ambassadors to connect with each other, so you're also invited to join a Facebook group. Welcome to the network!

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I understand that this is a volunteer role which commits me to advance and enhance the work and mission of the Office of Social Justice and Centre for Public Dialogue by sparking conversations about justice which model respectful dialogue and an honoring of the image of God in both those facing injustices and those with whom I might disagree. I commit to sharing at least 4 articles per month through my own social media accounts and reporting back to my social media organizer on a monthly basis. *
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