APS Type 1 DEC (Diabetes Exercise Calculator) Competency
Welcome to the APS Type 1DEC training and competency.

Before taking this competency you must have:

1. Watched the APS Guide - https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYXIIKMKso

2. Archived competency for the Type 1 DEC without APS - https://forms.gle/VzgR2dn6CCuP14AQA

3. Watched the training video for the APS Calculators - https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYXFDyLoc6

You are required to consent to the appropriate use of the APS Type 1 DEC.

Then you require to score at least 9 out of 10 on the questions below.

If you score 9 or more we will review your entry to ensure you are a qualified diabetes professional and answer any question you have. We will then send you an email with the APS Type 1 DEC's (670G/780G, T-Slim Control IQ, CAMAPS FX).

If you score less than 9 please watch the training videos again and re-take the competency.

Good luck
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Consenting to appropriate use: 1. I will not give this to a patient. 2. I will only use the calculator after watching the training videos and scoring at least 9 out of 10 on the competency. 3. I will not pass the calculator on to any other person. I will only use the calculator with Adobe Acrobat Reader? *
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Your diabetes professional role *
Diabetes service or hospital name *
Who was the lead author on the 2020 EASD/ISPAD CGM & Exercise guidance? *
1 point
When creating a new plan what must you have selected to create the default plan? *
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3. What are the three variables to assess exercise hypoglycemia risk? *
1 point
4. What is the cut-off time the calculator uses to determine if pre-meal bolus reductions will be suggested? *
1 point
5. Why are the 670G & 780G pre-meal bolus reductions more aggressive than the other systems, when exercise is within 90 minutes of eating? *
1 point
6. When manual mode is selected from question 3 of 10 how does the calculator make the plan? *
1 point
7. How often should extra carbs be taken during exercise based on the calculator's suggestions? *
1 point
8. What is the maximum weight the calculator is capped at to prevent excessive carbohydrate suggestions? *
1 point
9. How can the calculator plans be adjusted after the first attempt? *
1 point
10. Using the plan in the picture below. What is the correct action for before, during, and after considering John is eating 100g carbs before, glucose is 5.8 with a stable arrow after 20 minutes of rowing, and ICR is 1u:10g & John is not eating after? *
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APS Plan
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