Research On Online Gender Violence
Online gender violence is not a phantom. It is not random anonymous comments and harsh - but "funny" meme.
It is you and me, your sister, your friend, a neighbour. It is all of us. There are times that we feel on the spotlight and we'd rather hide in a dark corner. There are others that we point the finger ourselves. And there are those that we support, we stand for, we embrace.

Devote a few moments to help us explore this phenomenon and bring it to light! Totally respecting your privacy, the questionnaire is anonymous, so feel free to offer your most honest and true experience.
1. How old are you? *
2. Of what gender do you define yourself? *
3. Which social media do you use? *
4. How often do you use social media? *
5. Are you familiar with the term “trolling”? *
5.1. If Yes, Please explain:
6. Are you familiar with the term “doxing”? *
6.1. If Yes, Please explain:
7. Are you familiar with the term “revenge porn”? *
7.1. If Yes, Please explain:
8. On a scale from 1-10, how vulnerable do you feel online? *
The least vulnerable
The most vulnerable
9. Have you ever observed unwanted and harassing communication online? *
10. Have you ever participated in unwanted and harassing communication online? *
11. Have you ever been the target of unwanted and harassing communication online? *
12. Which of the following gender-related abuse activities have you met online? *
13. Have you ever hidden your gender identity online, in order to avoid unwanted gender-related behaviours? *
14. Have you ever pretended to be someone else online, in order to avoid unwanted gender-related behaviours? *
15. Have you ever expressed a different opinion on gender issues online than offline? *
16. Have you ever been forced to limit/entirely stop using the social media in order to avoid unwanted gender-related behaviours? *
17. Have you ever openly stood for a victim of unwanted gender-related behaviour? *
18. Have you openly reacted to a gender-abusive behaviour against you? *
18.a - If you answered YES to question 18, how did you respond?
18.b - If you answered NO to question 18, why didn't you respond?
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