Patterns and Systems Unit 4 Assessment
Write a short response to answer the question below. This short response needs to have a claim, at least 2 pieces of evidence from the sources you used to research, and reasoning that explains how your evidence is relevant to your claim. When you submit your response, please show me the completion page so that I know you have finished.
Make sure you use complete sentences that start with a capital letter and end with a period.
You are up to the challenge. You can use all of your resources. Make sure you have your claim, evidence 1, reasoning 1, evidence 2, reasoning 2, and a conclusion sentence.
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Is the government of the United States evidence of the enduring system of democracy? Provide at least two pieces of textual evidence to support your claim. Make sure that you explain how each piece of evidence supports your claim. *
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REFLECTION (if you finish before the end of the period) How did your self-assessment using the short response learning progression help you to write a better response today?
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On Monday, we will be working in new groups. This isn't actually a question, I'm just letting you know that we will have new assigned seats in class.
Once you submit your short response, please log in to i-ready, manga-high, or iXL to prepare for the math test.
The Pierce family looks forward to seeing you next week in your new seat.
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