Nashwaak Watershed Community Feedback Survey 2018
We are collecting information from the community to better inform our work and help to make decisions on which projects to invest in. Even if you don't live directly on the Nashwaak, we would still love to hear more about how you use the river and ideas or concerns you have around the health of the watershed. This survey should take less than 10 minutes to fill out. You will be entered into a draw to win some great NWAI prizes!

If you know of someone who would like to give feedback, but requires assistance please let us know by calling (506)-261-4664 or emailing We have paper copies as well.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated, Thank you, Merci, Woliwon!

1.What is your relationship with the Nashwaak River watershed? (Check all that apply) *
2. Please list and describe up to five things that you value most about the Nashwaak River watershed:
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3. Acknowledging that water quality changes with the time of year, what do you think about the general quality of water in the Nashwaak Watershed. As a watershed user, you could think of good water quality as being cool, having low levels of silt, pollution and no to very little blue-green algae. (For each item check one response). *
I don't know
Nashwaak Lake
Nashwaak River (above Stanley)
Nashwaak River (Stanley to Marysville)
Nashwaak River (Marysville to St. John River)
4. Please indicate whether you feel the following items have improved, declined, or stayed the same for as long as you have been familiar with the Nashwaak River watershed. As a watershed user, you could think of good water quality as being cool, having low levels of silt, pollution and no to very little blue-green algae. (For each item check one response). *
I don't know
Quality of water in Nashwaak Lake
Quality of water in Nashwaak River above Stanley
Quality of water in Nashwaak River between Stanley and Marysville
Quality of water in Nashwaak River between Marysville and mouth at Fredericton
Number of fish catches (all species)
Salmon sightings (or catch and release numbers)
Sightings of invasive fish species
Sightings of invasive plant life
If you would like to learn more about water quality testing on the Nashwaak River, you can visit our website at
5. (a) Below are a list of activities and conditions that take place or exist in the Nashwaak Watershed. Please indicate what impact you perceive each has or would have for your quality of life on the watershed? (for each item, check one response) *
No Impact
I don't know
Forestry practices
Salmon fishing
River tubing
Ore mining
Agricultural practices
Suburban housing development
Topsoil mining
River access
Paddle sports (kayaking, SUP, canoeing)
Cultural/tourism events
Invasive species (e.g. Japanese knotweed, bamboo, smallmouth bass muskie)
Walking and biking trails
5. (b) Are there other activities on the watershed that impact your quality of life (positively or negatively) that are not listed above?
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6. Please select three from the items in the list above (including any you added) and tell us more about why they are important or of concern to you.
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7. (a)When you are interested in learning about a water stewardship or land management issue, where do you/ would you go for information? (check all that apply) *
7. (b) I generally get my information from...(Please fill in answer)
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8.The Nashwaak Watershed Association currently undertakes the following activities. Please indicate the level of importance each of these activities has for you. (Check one level of importance for each activity) *
Very Important
Lower priority
Not Important at all
No Opinion
Planting trees
Kids’ outdoor education
Tracking salmon returns
Advocating for provincial water policies
Water quality monitoring
Habitat Restoration
Public Education
9. Do you feel there are other priority areas the NWAI should focus on? (Please describe)
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10. What ways would you be most interested in learning about issues and opportunities to help the Nashwaak River Watershed? (Check all that apply) *
11. Are you interested in getting involved in NWAI volunteer activities to restore the watershed such as tree plantings or discussing conservation opportunities on your property? *
12. Are you interested in a follow-up interview to discuss any of these issues in more detail? *
13. If you chose yes for either question 10 or 11, please provide your contact info below. If you wish this survey to remain anonymous, you can email NWAI at to be added to our friends list and we will be in touch. All emails received will be entered into a draw to win some great NWAI swag.
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Do you have any other ideas or information that you would like to share?
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Thank you for you valuable input! Feel free to reach out at any time
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