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In short:

The residences start in February 2020 to April 2020.
You will take part in in-depth masterclasses on Tuesday morning, with different teachers, you will learn how to work out your idea and you will receive support in interdisciplinary collaborations. At the end of the residency period you will present your ideas to the case holder.
You will spend a maximum of 8 hours per week working on the case over a period of three months.
You will work in a team of two or three other artists, scientists, and/or designers.

Please note there is no stipend or traveling expenses. Fillip Studios will take care of a nice lunch during the days of the workshops. In addition, you can use the space of our studio workshop, and materials for your design for free.

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From wonderment, to making, to creating impact. Join the interdisciplinary Fillip Residencies program!
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