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Thank you for your interest! Please take your time to read the following items before applying. You will also find our rules and policies listed below, please go through each one and confirm that you are agreeable to their terms.

☀ Moodboard ☀

At Sollemne, we enjoy tracing our most commercialized holidays back to its pagan roots, giving light to its origins as well as offering our thanks. With that said, there isn't a specific theme this time around, all we ask is that you create something that resembles the pagan aspects of our beloved Winter holiday, be it inspired by Yule, Saturnalia, or any other winter solstice celebration. We will still be providing a moodboard in any case, as well as a color scheme, which you can find just below here.


At a cursory glance, the Pinterest board might look a little confusing and irrelevant to each other, however we'd like to stress again that by no means does the board resemble a mandatory theme. The only idea we'd like to bring is a fun twist to the "norms" of Christmas, shining a light on the many ways we can celebrate it, wherein it is possible for everyone to enjoy.

☀ Rules ☀

1. STRICTLY NO IP/COPYRIGHT INFRINGING MATERIAL. There is no exception to this rule. No real-world logos, brand names, or trademarks used in your work.

2. ORIGINAL CONTENT ONLY. We will not be considering stores that utilize templates or full-perm meshes. In addition to that, we will also not be accepting stores that outsource their meshes or parts of their mesh from other platforms (3dsky, Turbosquid, etc.)

3. THERE IS NO THEME THIS TIME: But please keep in mind, it is a seasonal themed event. We only ask that your item resembles the pagan aspects of our beloved Winter holiday, be it inspired by Yule, Saturnalia, or any other winter solstice celebration. FANTASY ITEMS & THEMES ARE OF COURSE ALLOWED!

4. The most important rule, PLEASE be respectful to all and any beliefs. If you are going to use symbols, deities, mythology, and what have you, take time to learn about them and their meanings before putting them into your work. Knowledge is power.

5. You'll be required to provide ONE (1) preferably in-season item, which will remain exclusive to the event for its duration, after which you may place it at your store. This item has to be new, not a recolor or a past release. It does not need to be discounted, however, you may discount it if you wish. Past releases are welcome at your booth as long as they fit the theme.

☼ Event dates ☼

✶ Booth fees are due →→→ 30th November ✶
✶ Group invites go out →→→ 1st December ✶
✶ Set up begins →→→ 10th December Noon SLT ✶
✶ Set up ends →→→ 15th December Midnight SLT ✶
✶ Event opens →→→ 17th December Noon SLT ✶
✶ Event runs until →→→ 1st January ✶

☼ Prices ☼

✶ Sponsor booths (all filled!)
✶✶ 3500L
✶ Regular booths
✶✶ 2000L

Payments will be made at a designated payment room when confirmations are sent out at a later date.

☀ Point of contacts ☀

Helel Conundrum / Mikhaelis Atheria
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If you have not paid the fee by 30th November, you agree to forfeit your spot. *
If you have not set up by 15th December, and we have not heard from you, we will have to replace you. *
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