Finders Keepers Hunt Application
The following Hunts are as listed:

Remembering You Hunt 2 - May 1-31
Summer Lovin Hunt 3 - June 2-30
Celtic Celebration Hunt 3 - July 1-29

1) Your hunt can not be in a club.

2) If your hunt is in a mall you need to supply a direct landmark to your store.

3) You must join the Hunt Group if you wish to participate.
Finders Keepers Hunts (copy and paste link to chat)

4) Must have the hunt prim out with your hint giver. Hint givers will have the URL to the website now so you do not need to set a hint unless you want to.

5) You must provide a hint before you will be placed in the hunt.

6) Hunt gift needs to stay within theme.

7) Any incomplete applications will not be approved.

8) You Must follow the timeline in the pack.

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