2018 Costume Openings
These costumes will be completed in Fall 2018. After filling out this form, we will get back to you ASAP with a quote!
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We are unable to work with those under 18. If you are looking for a general price for a costume when you do turn 18, please visit our prices section.
Terms Of Service
Concept Art:
Menagerie Workshop Requires 2 view (Front and back) concept art in order to begin your commission. We provide this service free of charge. When you commission us, we will work with you to create a reference sheet that will have all the information we need to bring your character to life. Please be aware that changes made to a character design may change the price (if changing markings or other things affecting complexity and production time).


Price quotes are subject to change. Our price quotes are good for 30 days. The price includes Fedex Ground shipping within the USA. Menagerie Workshop reserves the right to deny service to anyone.


All suits are shipped FedEx Ground Domestically and USPS Internationally. Domestic shipping is complementary, International shipping will be billed after costumes have shipped. Shipping times vary. Menagerie Workshop is not responsible for tariffs, customs, duties, or any other fees associated with importing our product to another country.


Menagerie Workshop requires a 30% non-refundable down payment to hold a spot in the queue. Final payments must be received before your costume is started. If you need your costume by a specific date, be sure to plan ahead. Payment in full must be received on the first of the month before your commission month. (For example, if your completion date is October, payment is due September 1st) Your payment due date can be found on your invoice. Late payments will result in a later completion date. We accept personal checks, credit cards, and PayPal. Menagerie Workshop is not responsible for payments lost in the mail.

Refunds and Warranty:

If at any point you wish to cancel your commission before completion, you will be refunded the full amount minus the nonrefundable 30% down payment + a 15% cancellation fee.(Cancellation fee only applies if a commission is terminated within 2 months of commission date) Refunds may take up to 90 days. If you would like a refund after work has begun on your costume, the costume will be finished and auctioned off, and you will receive 90% of the selling price of the costume.

Menagerie Workshop costumes are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defect for 30 days. If you have an issue with your costume upon receiving it, please contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can arrange to make changes. If you are sending a costume back to us to be altered because we have made a mistake, Menagerie Workshop will reimburse the return shipping up to $50.

If you have damaged your costume outside the 30 day warranty period, we do repairs for $40/hour + materials cost.

Normal wear and tear and any damages due to negligence are not included in the warranty. Any modifications made to the costume by anyone other than Menagerie Workshop (or its affiliates with specific prior written permission) voids your warranty.

Costumes from Menagerie Workshop are wearable art, not clothing and should be treated as such.


Quoted times are subject to change and are not guaranteed. Although we do our best to keep to our schedule, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE COMMISSION DEADLINE COMPLETION. The best way to help ensure that you receive your costume by a specific date is to select your completion month at least 3 months before your event. (For example, if you want your costume to be completed by Further Confusion, which is in January, you will want to choose a fall month as your completion month.)


All customers must be at least 18 years of age before sending any payments. If under 18, a parent or guardian must contact us.


A measurement sheet must be filled out by the commissioner to help us properly size the costume for you. While we try to get the sizing right the first time, your costume may not fit perfectly the first time around. We will fix any sizing errors due to our own error free of charge if notified within 7 days after you receive the costume. Please keep in mind that these costumes are wearable art and have range of motion more similar to a business suit than a sports uniform. If you have specific mobility requirements in mind, please let us know when filling out your quote form so we can discuss how to serve you best!


The commissioner understands that fursuiting and mascotting can be a dangerous activity (dangers including but by no means limited to overheating, exhaustion, and dehydration). Menagerie Workshop is not responsible for any injury or death of any performer resulting from improper use of one of our costumes. Know your limits, play it safe, stay hydrated & have a great time!


By sending us your first payment, you are officially agreeing to a commission from Menagerie Workshop and agreeing to all the terms of service listed above.

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