Safety First Friday Pledge
PLEASE take BFF Omaha's "Safety First Friday Pledge," stating that your establishment will encourage, expect, and strive to maintain a safe environment, with a zero tolerance policy towards harassment and assault :)

If visitors feel unsafe at any time while in your establishment, staff or someone of authority will promptly take steps to address the situation, or if necessary remove the person(s) responsible and/or notify the proper authorities.

For additional reference:

The BFF Code of Conduct reflects our daily operations, core values, and overall culture.  
We expect all volunteers, employees, guests, artists, partners, other representatives,
and associated members to abide by this code.

Here at BFF, we'd like to buy a vowel!  Because AEIOU! stands for:
Advocate for Education, Inclusion, Opportunity, and Unique Experiences.


BFF strives to provide education through workshops, youth engagement, interactive elements, intern programs, and by working with emerging artists, curators, and community activists.
BFF invites all communities and peoples to join in and engage in our projects and programming.   Accessibility and inclusion for all keeps BFF vibrant and flourishing. (See Inclusion statements below)

BFF gives opportunities to artists, businesses, volunteers, youth, communities and organizations by bringing them together and providing an arena for engagement and interaction.

Unique Experiences
Keepin’ “Benson Bent” & “Good Weird,” BFF encourages originality, novelties, and perhaps unconventional ideas and strategies to support the arts and the neighborhood.

When interacting with or under BFF, keep these key principles in mind as guidance for action.

Help Others  (Core Values:  Education & Inclusivity)
Help others through action, interaction, and compassion.  Strive to be inclusive and help educate.

Be Creative (Core Values:  Unique Experiences)
Creativity cannot be or come from normalcy and shouldn’t be treated as such.
By opening up our minds and tapping into creativity, we provide unique experiences for the community.

Have Integrity (Core Values:  Education, Inclusivity, Opportunity, Unique Experiences)
Work in a dignified and serious manner, throughout all actions - and no matter how unique the action, integrity keeps it relative to the mission.  Do unto others...

Be Respectful (Core Values:  Education, Inclusivity, Opportunity, Unique Experiences)
We are all in this together, and cannot progress without respect for each other, our surroundings, our belongings, and the community at large.

Enjoy Yourself (Core Values:  Education, Inclusivity, Opportunity, Unique Experiences)
Life is too short and it’s later than you think.   If you are genuinely enjoying your actions and involvement with BFF, then you are doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time.

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