DFWSD IMPACT Internship Application
DFW Speech & Debate's IMPACT Summer Internship program is open to national level competitors who are interested in developing leadership skills by mentoring/coaching students at camps this summer. Interns experience tremendous growth by serving alongside our veteran camp instructors, and take their leadership and coaching skills back to their communities to develop students in their local club. Interns will have the opportunity to:

Mentor/coach hundreds of students ages 8-18
Model godly character through example
Develop valuable leadership skills through hands-on training
Be part of a dynamic travel team
Gain resume building experience

Applications are now being accepted! Advanced speech and debate competitors are encouraged to apply by submitting the form below!

This is a volunteer-based leadership development opportunity. No monetary compensation is provided.

Questions? Please contact us at dfwsd.internship@gmail.com

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Specify the range of dates between June 11, 2018 and August 25, 2018 that you are available to serve. *
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The 2018 Summer Camp dates and locations are posted at dfwspeechdebate.com. Specify the camps that you are interested and willing to participate in as an intern. *
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Interns are advanced competitors or alumni who have mastered foundational skills, competed at the national level, or are currently pursuing national qualification. List National and Regional qualifications and/or events you are pursuing National qualification in.
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Personal Assessment *
What are the most important lessons you have learned in your years of competitive speech/debate? Please be specific.
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Leadership Experience: List School, Speech/Debate club, civic/community leadership roles that you have held. List titles and honors received.
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Video Demonstrations
Speech interns, please submit one or more of the following video demonstrations to dfwsd.internship@gmail.com (quality videos can be taken with a smartphone). Note: You are not required to submit one of each, but keep in mind the advantage of demonstrating a diversity of skills.
• Platform Speech Demo
• Interpretation Speech Demo
• Limited Preparation Speech Demo
Camp Logistics
Interns are generally responsible for transportation to the city of the camps that they are staffing. Exception: If interns are selected for the travel team, DFWSD will provide transportation from Dallas to the travel camp location. Please note that the intern must convene in Dallas to take advantage of provided transportation to travel camps.

If an intern does not live within a reasonable driving distance from the camp location, DFWSD will arrange host housing for the intern.

Housing *
Check ONE of the following:
Future DFWSD Opportunities
If you enjoy coaching and mentoring students, interning with excellence at DFW Speech & Debate is the best way to qualify for a Private Coaching position after high-school graduation. DFWSD private coaching is one of the best college jobs you can have, with flexible hours and excellent compensation.

Interning is also an excellent way to train for a paid staff position on future Summer Camp leadership teams.

What is your projected high-school graduation date?
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Check any that apply:
In order to promptly process your Internship Application, please ask a coach or club parent to submit a Reference Form on your behalf by March 1, 2018. See http://dfwspeechdebate.com/en/summer-camps/summer-internship for details.
Certification *
I hereby certify that the answers given and statements made in this application are true and correct. I understand that any false statements or omissions in this application will result in removal from the selection process, or discharge if discovered after I am selected. I hereby authorize all references to furnish any information concerning my personal character, habits, and track record.
Anything else you would like us to know?
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