TimeSlips 5-Minute Annual Survey!
Each year we survey our international network of creative connectors to track our impact from the previous year and how we can improve upon it. By completing this survey, you are giving TimeSlips permission to use this data for reporting purposes and to improve our programming.

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Thank you for helping us learn and grow!
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Are you a TimeSlips Certified Facilitator (this includes Master Trainers & In-House Trainers)? *
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TimeSlips IMPACT
Please estimate the total number of older adults you have engaged using TimeSlips methods during 2019. *
Please estimate the number of TimeSlips creative engagement sessions or conversations you have had during 2019. *
How COMMON are POSITIVE reactions (smiling, alertness, participating with words, movement or sounds) in your engagement sessions over the past year? Please estimate. *
How COMMON are WITHDRAWN reactions (sleeping, cross-talking or leaving) in your engagement sessions over the past year? Please estimate. *
People with Alzheimer's and related dementia can be creative. *
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If there is one thing you wish you could change about your TimeSlips creative engagement sessions / conversations, what would it be?
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Please share a moment when you felt the positive impact of creative engagement or any fun surprises that occurred (for you and / or an older adult). These stories will be used for all purposes of this survey. Optional: Please include your name & title.
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If you facilitate TimeSlips in a nursing home or other elder care setting, please respond to this statement. I have noticed an increase in volunteer or family involvement.
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If you are a personal or professional caregiver, please respond to the following statements. (Mobile users, scroll right to see all response options.) TimeSlips Creative Engagement...
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improves the relationships with those I care for.
improves my job satisfaction while caregiving.
makes a difference in the well-being of the people I care for.
We launched our new website & training April 2019!
We launched our new website (https://timeslips.org/) April 2019! We now have a "What is TimeSlips?" video, new branding, a map showing all of the certified facilitators & organizations around the world, a blog and so much more. Have you had a chance to use our new website yet? *
If you have used our new website, please respond to this statement. I would give a positive rating to the upgraded TimeSlips.org for its functionality, performance, and ease-of-use.
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All people are invited to use the Creativity Center on our website (https://timeslips.org/resources/creativity-center) to access prompts (e.g. images, Beautiful Questions). We updated this resource with even more inspirational content as a part of our website update in April 2019. Please let us know how you view this resource. *
Additionally people are invited to use the Creativity Center to post stories. How many of your stories did you post stories there last year? *
None of my stories were posted
All of my stories were posted
Please let us know if you have any feedback about the new website in general or the Creativity Center specifically.
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If you have taken either the classic or updated (2019) TimeSlips training (online or in-person) would you recommend it? *
If you would not recommend the TimeSlips training, please share more.
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What is your preferred method of communication for learning about TimeSlips news, events, and inspirations? *
We are going to be offering our webinar series again in 2020. What topic(s) are most interesting to you? *
All people are invited to join our public TimeSlips Creative Storytelling Facebook group for ongoing inspiration & support. Please let us know how often you use this resource. *
If you are a Certified Facilitator, Master Trainer or In-House Trainer, you have access to these additional resources: 1) The private TimeSlips Certified Facilitators Facebook group; 2) a TimeSlips Certified Facilitator Logo for your email signature. (Email info@timeslips.org for logo) How often do you use these?
I use this resource.
I wasn't aware of this resource, I will begin using now.
I would not benefit from this resource.
Private TimeSlips Certified Facilitator Facebook Group
TimeSlips Certified Facilitator logo for your emails.
If you are a Certified Facilitator, Master Trainer or In-House Trainer, your profile (name, city & email only) is listed on our website (https://timeslips.org/our-network/certified-facilitators). Please make sure your information is current. You can turn off this feature in your profile settings at any time.
Do you feel part of the TimeSlips community? *
How might TimeSlips better support you as part of our inspiring, international creative community?
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Growing our network... Do you know of an organization that may like to have their staff trained in the TimeSlips method and become a Creative Community of Care (nursing home, home care, museum, library, senior center, etc) please share this link with them: https://www.timeslips.org/services/organizations. Or, if you would like us to contact them directly, please share their contact information here:
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Growing our network... Do you know of a school or youth program that may like to bring students and older adults together? TimeSlips piloted NextGen Creative Campus programming this year with universities, high schools and youth serving organizations. We are launching this program in the Fall of 2020! Please share this link with them https://www.timeslips.org/services/students-teacher. Or, if you would like us to contact them directly, please share their contact information here:
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Looking ahead to 2020... TimeSlips Founder Anne Basting's new book "Creative Care", comes out in May and is available for pre-order now! https://www.timeslips.org/about/news/19 If you would like to help us spread word of the Creative Care revolution to your networks, let us know. We can share postcards, excerpts, and social media support tools to help you! Contact aly.mostel@harpercollins.com Other book related questions? You can share them here or email info@timeslips.org directly.
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More fun in 2020... We are hosting another Creative Care Institute (CCI)! June 1-3 in Milwaukee, WI. Early bird registration open now: https://www.timeslips.org/about/news/20 Questions? You can share them here or email info@timeslips.org directly.
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We are continually inspired by all the JOY all of you bring into the world. THANK YOU for being a part of the Creative Care Revolution!
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