Natural Laboratory: Galapagos Finches
Watch the video "Galapagos Finch Evolution" by HHMI Bio-interactive (
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HHMI Biointeractive - Galapagos Finches
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1. Why would scientists be especially interested in islands with species that can not be found anywhere else in the world? Why are the galapagos so fitting for this purpose as opposed to other islands? *
2. Explain the processes through which life grew to populate the galapagos islands. Why are the finches such as especially interesting case/example of island biogeography? *
3. How do the islands differ and lead to the development of new species over space and time? (Explain for space and explain for time) *
4. What can we learn about the speciation of the rest of the world by studying islands specifically? *
5. How has the modern work of scientists like the Grant's helped to contribute to pre-established theories like Darwin's? *
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