Craft Room Time
Thank you for taking time to answer these questions. It is my goal to help you with all your crafting needs and wants. To do that your feedback is important! It will give me the opportunity to provide you with the resources that make sense and are tailored to you and your crafts! It's Anonymous so no worries!
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I'd like to get to know you a little better before I dive into Crafting questions! 1. What are your current hopes and dreams?
#2. What are your goals for this year?
#3. What Inspires You?
#4. What do you struggle with?
#What are your fears? What keeps you up at night?
What Age bracket are you in? *
How did you hear about Craft Room Time? *
What type of Crafting do you do?
What number one thing right now do you need help with for your craft?
If you had access to tutorials for your craft, what kind of tutorials would you want?
Do you have a dedicated Craft Room
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If you checked "OTHER" above, tell me a little more about your craft "AREA"
What are your challenges you have with your Craft? Like how to do something or learning a machine or tool, etc.
What challenges do you face with your craft room. Be specific like storing my XXX, getting a good flow, trouble putting things away, etc.
What types of storage are you looking for?
Do you sell your crafts (even if it is just family and friends)? *
What platforms do you use to sell your crafts?
What is your biggest challenge with selling your crafts?
What types of free things would help you with your crafting? Like SVGs, printable quotes, printable designs, task lists, etc.
What types of training would you be interested in attending if offered?
Would  you be interested in joining a paid Crafting Membership (low cost) that gives you complete instructions on creating a craft every month or every week?
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If you said "YES" above, would you prefer weekly or monthly
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If you said "YES" to joining a membership, were given weekly or monthly project instructions to craft, get discounted rates for supplies, get access to crafting courses for FREE, and answers to your questions, what would you consider a reasonable cost to be a part of the membership?
What else can you think of that you would like help with in regards to crafting?
Thank you so much for participating!
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