Course Candidate Survey
On a scale of 1 (very important) to 5 (not a factor) how did the following influence your decision to NOT become an IB diploma candidate
1. Having to take a zero hour as a junior and/or senior.
2. Having to test in Chemistry
3. Having to complete an Extended Essay
4. Having to complete CAS hours
5. Not being able to participate in other curricular or extracurricular activities.
Please feel free to elaborate on any of the above categories. We really appreciate your feedback.
Your answer
6. Advice from a peer or sibling
7. Advice from a teacher
Please list any other factors that entered into your choosing not to becoma a diploma candidate, or feel free to elaborate on one of your responses.
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8. Still using the above scale, how important was the possiblitiy of college credit in choosing the courses in which you tested?
9. How important was being prepared for college in your decision to take the IB courses you did
10. How important was getting into a selective college in your decision to take the IB courses you did
11. How much time did the homework per IB class per night take?
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