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THANK YOU for choosing Shyne San Diego as your preferred agency in bizness and professional development. We are a grassroots leadership and professional development training program for women who've experienced gender based violence and/or exploitation. Our mission is to provide sex industry survivors with professional development to gain personal freedom through economic independence.

This application is confidential. It's only reviewed by the Executive team in selecting candidates based on the 3 key areas: (1) Commitment (2) commUNITY (3) Leadership. Included is a section on Permissions to share and your choice doesn't affect your eligibility in any way.

Please be patient, as it may take up to two weeks for us to review your application and contact you with further details on upcoming workshops, programs and events.

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We ask these questions ensure we select a diverse group of women in various stages of their lives. We must also ensure you meet the basic requirements for services from Shyne San Diego. All personal information is kept confidential.
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Biz Fundamentals Questions
Please help us better understand your personal WHY and WHAT you are seeking support with at this time
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If YES, What is the Business name and Mission/Purpose:
If YES, What is the vision of your company or organization?
Agreeing to share your responses does NOT impact your eligibility to enroll inShyne San Diego in any way. We seek to educate the public on business related interests of survivors to advance our mission and vision. You many change your personal agreement decision at any time. We hold everyone's confidentiality and privacy in high regard.
Permission to share: Are you willing to have what you've shared here quoted publicly? For example in a blog, social media, or newsletter.
Permission to share: if YES: May we use your first name only or an alias you provide?
Permission to share: if YES: Please provide the name you want us to use when quoted publicly
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