YMCA New Americans Online Registration Survey 青年会新美国人欢迎中心网课报名问卷调查
all questions with the red mark * must be answered 所有带红色 * 标记的问题必须回答
Class Dates: October 5th to December 17th, 2020 课程日期:2020年10月5日至12月17日
Last Name 姓氏 *
First Name 名字 *
Email Address 电子邮箱 *
Phone Number 电话号码 *
Class Schedule 课程时间表
Class(es) 课程 *
If more than 1 class is selected, please pick more than one available time slot at below. 如果上面选择了超过一个课程,请在下面选择超过一个以上的可上课时间。
Availability 可上课的时间 *
Have you ever attended English or GED class at a YMCA New Americans Welcome Center before? 您是否有参加过我们任何一间青年会新美国人欢迎中心的成人教育课程? *
If yes, when did you attend and at what branch? 如果有,请告知是什么时候参加的并且在哪一间分会?
Thank you for registering with us! 感谢您的报名!
We enroll new students every Friday evening. If you register after 5pm on Friday, you will be enrolled the following Friday.
Be sure to check your e-mail over the weekend for your class link and further instructions! 我们将在每个星期五晚上为一周内报名的新生安排课程。如果你在周五五点以后才报名,请再等一个星期。 请确保在周末检查您的电子邮件以获取您的课程链接和进一步的说明!
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