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Studies show that parental involvement in a child's education is one of the most important factors in raising student self-esteem and academic achievement. Moreover, most experts agree that parental involvement should go beyond attendance at teacher conferences and open house. We realize, however, that each of our families is unique – with its own priorities, needs, talents, and time constraints -- your School Community Organisation (SCO) would like to provide as many different kinds of opportunities for parental involvement as possible. Please review the volunteer opportunities suggested below, and check any you are interested in -- or which activities you may be like to contribute to.
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The SCO is looking for homeroom and/or grade level parents!
Want to help build community in your class? Become a homeroom/grade level parent! Write the class/grade you are interested in and we will get back to you!
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School Community Organisation Committees & Events:
I am interested in getting involved in the following committees and/or events. You will be contacted by the committee coordinator to confirm your level of involvement. Check all you are interested in finding more about!
Spring Fair - A Community Affair!
The Spring Fair is a UNIS Hanoi community wide event, everyone gets involved in some way. That's what makes it so special! Check all the areas you are interested in learning more about...
There are many ways to get involved, please indicate other ways you would like to contribute to the UNIS Hanoi school community:
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