School as a Caring Community Survey
Please select the best response that describes how frequently you observe the following behaviors in your school.
1. Students treat classmates with respect. *
2. Students exclude those who are different. (e.g., belong to a different race, religion, or culture.) *
3. Students respect the personal property of others. *
4. Students help each other, even if they are not friends. *
5. Students show respect for school property (such as desks, walls, bathrooms, busses, buildings, and grounds. *
6. Students behave respectfully toward all school staff (including secretaries, custodians, aides, and bus drivers). *
7. Students help to improve the school. *
8. Students are disrespectful toward their teachers. *
9. Students try to have a positive influence on the behavior of other students. *
10. Students pick on other students. *
11. Students resolve conflicts without fighting, insults, or threats. *
12. Students listen to each other in class discussions. *
13. When students see another student being picked on, they try to stop it. *
14. Students can talk to their teachers about problems that are bothering them. *
15. Parents show that they care about their child's education and school behavior. *
16. Teachers go out of their way to help students who need extra help. *
17. Teachers treat parents with respect. *
18. In this school, you can count on adults to try to make sure that students are safe. *
19. Teachers are unfair in their treatment of students. *
20. Parents show respect for teachers. *
21. In their interactions with students, teachers act in ways that demonstrate the character qualities the school is trying to teach. *
22. In their interactions with students, all school staff (the administrators, counselors, coaches, aides, custodians, and others) act in ways that demonstrate the character qualities the school is trying to teach. *
23. Faculty and staff treat each other with respect (caring, supportive, etc.). *
24. This school treats parents with respect. *
25. Parents are actively involved in this school. *
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