Arnold Lab RA application 2017-2018
Thanks for your interest in our lab. This application is for all Research Assistant jobs (Independent Study (psyc 395/ling 496), Work Study, or paid positions).

* We are seeking applications for a paid research assistant with skills in Poser Pro (animation software) for a research project on the psychology of language -- or transferable skills that would make it easy to learn Poser quickly. All applicants for this position must have these skills/availability:

Applicants MUST be undergraduate students who are not graduating until spring 2018 or later.
experience with animation software; have sample work to show
strong work ethic (punctuality, good communication, responsibility)
logical thinker

Other ideal (but not necessary) experience:

interest/experience in experimental research
classwork in psychology, linguistics, computer science

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis

In the Arnold lab, we do research on language production and language comprehension. Most of our studies are with adults, that is, college students. Our main methods are eyetracking (for language comprehension), and simple game-like experiments where we record people’s voices. Typical work study jobs include:

• preparing visual (pictorial) stimuli in Adobe photoshop
• preparing audio stimuli in the phonetics program Praat
• transcribing spoken language data
• doing linguistic coding, which requires meticulous attention to detail
• administering experimental tasks to participants, including getting informed consent, giving instructions, etc.
• preparing Qualtrics scripts for experiments
• managing Amazon Mechanical Turk participation

Research in the Arnold lab is more intense than in most labs. You will be given the opportunity to perform specific tasks for ongoing projects, which provides you with the training needed to do experimental research on the comprehension and/or production of language. After you have spent some time in the lab, you have the opportunity to propose a project of your own (if you wish), or in some cases you may be asked to join a recently-started project, in which case you can become more involved with that specific project. Lab research can be very exciting, but it also requires hard work and dedication. You must be willing to take initiative, and seek out opportunities to become involved with projects.

For more information about the kind of research we do, visit the lab web page and read some of our published papers:

General Requirements
• Be independently motivated and responsible
• Detail-oriented
• Able to maintain communication with project leaders
• Background training in either psychology, linguistics, or both

Position-specific requirements
1) Independent research – either psyc 395 or ling 496
a. Must meet the departmental requirements
For psyc 395:
For information about ling 496, contact the linguistics department
b. Must be willing to commit to a 2-semester sequence. Note that it is possible to do a discontinuous sequence, for example if you plan to study abroad.
2) Work study -- Must have a work study award

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Overall GPA in college (omit if 1st year student)
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Major or intended major if not declared
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What classes have you taken related to psychology, linguistics, computer science?
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Do you have any lab experience?
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Experience with Excel
Describe your experience with Animation programs, and list which ones
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Experience with Adobe photoshop
Experience with Praat (a phonetics program)
Do you know any programming? If so, what languages?
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If you are applying for a summer position, are you interested in continuing to work in the lab during the school year for course credit??
Can you commit to doing a two-semester sequence? Note that it is possible to do a discontinuous sequence, for example if you plan to study abroad.
If you are applying for a 395/496, can you confirm that you have fulfilled the departmental requirements?
If you are applying for work study, what is your award amount for the year?
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Why do you want to be a research assistant in the Arnold lab? Be specific about how research in my lab would relate to your previous and ongoing interests, and future goals.
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