Create a Villain Challenge. Part Two: Introducing Your Villain
Your second mission in creating your villain is to introduce them in a way that highlights their exaggerated traits and lets them flaunt their awesomeness to the world. He or she will first show up during an attack on a small village. Your villain's group, the Marauders, will be fighting against Niklas’ group, and your villain will focus their attention on Uri, one of Niklas’ best fighters.
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Goal: First, you need to figure out what is your villain's goal when he/she attacks the village? Are they simply trying to cause as much chaos as possible? Are they trying to burn down buildings? Are they trying to impress the leader of the Marauders? Are they trying to steal something? In one or two sentences, write your villain’s goal.
Conflict: They will be in direct conflict with Uri. How will Uri try to get in their way? (here’s a hint, Uri uses a bow and arrow). In two sentences, describe how Uri will try to get in their way.
Setback: Things can’t go perfectly for your villain, and you have three choices for their setback in reaching their goal. Do they either achieve their goal, but have another setback? (example: They steal the treasure, but get a huge scar on their cheek from Uri’s arrow) Do they fail at their goal? (example: Uri manages to steal the treasure back from them) Or, do they fail at their goal, and furthermore something even worse happens to them? (example: Uri stops your villain from stealing the treasure, and furthermore, one of his arrows takes out an eye of your villain). In two or three sentences, describe the setback your villain faces in reaching their goal.
Emotional Reaction: What emotions does your villain have after being setback? (example: Rage, guilt, etc.) Pick two or three emotions that your villain feels after their setback to Uri.
Thinking Reaction: What information did your villain learn about Uri after their encounter? (example: Uri cares about children which could be a weak spot, your villain is stronger than Uri but not as fast, etc.) Pick two or three details your villain learned about themselves or Uri after their setback.
Anticipation: Now your villain has to decide what they want to do next. What are the different choices your villain could make going forward in the story? (example: Leave the Marauders and try to get revenge on their own; They could flee and never return; They could spend a couple of months training to get stronger to fight Uri again, etc.) Come up with three or more options your villain could choose to do after their setback.
New Goal: Which of those choices does your villain make going forward? Of the choices you listed above, pick which new goal your villain will choose.
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