Poquoson Public Library Survey
We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on library services and resources and how we can better serve you!
How do you use the library? (Check all that apply)
Why do you use the library? (Check all that apply)
In a typical month, how many times do you visit the Poquoson Public Library
In a typical month, how many times do you visit the Library's website (including the online catalog and online collections)?
How do you like to learn about Library events or updates to Library services? (Check all that apply)
How do you typically access the Library's online resources?
How would you prioritize each of the services offered by the Library?
High priority
Medium priority
Low priority
Not a priority
Providing materials (books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, online content)
Providing services for job-seekers
Promoting literacy among children and adults
Hosting classes and events
Offering a community gathering place
Providing technology and technology assistance and education
Having staff available to assist patrons
Are you aware of the following resources and services offered by the Library?
Not Aware
1,000 Books B4 Kindergarten
Free downloadable eMagazines
Free downloadable and streaming music
Free language learning software
Free online technology training
Free training and practice tests for educational and vocational exams
Free notary
Passport services
Free tech help twice a week
Access to free online homework help
If you had only $10 to invest in the Library's collection, how much would you spend on each of the following ?
Books and other print resources
Audio-visual resources (DVDs, CDs, audiobooks)
Digital collection (eBooks, eMagazines, eAudiobooks, digital music)
How much do you agree with each statement below?
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Not Applicable
I am usually able to obtain what I'm looking for in the library.
The materials I find on the subject areas I need are timely and relevant.
The staff at the library are friendly and helpful.
The library provides a pleasant atmosphere.
The classes and events I attend are well produced and valuable to me.
I can easily find information I'm looking for on the library's website.
I can easily find the materials I want in the online catalog.
I can easily download eBooks and other online resources
When would you like the Library to offer youth programming? (Check all that apply.) Please enter the age of your child/children in the "Other" box.
When would you like the Library to offer classes and events for adults? (Check all that apply)
Please provide any other comments or feedback you have about the Poquoson Public Library
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Optional: Please enter your name and phone number to be entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble
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What is your zip code?
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