Signal 13 Community Application
Due to high demand, you will be contacted when your app has been reached. App's are evaluated in the order they are received. We want to make sure each person is given our full attention during interview - training - testing process. We apologize for any delays.

Once completing this application, please log into our discord.

- Your information is kept private and only shared with command staff.
- Signal 13 is a serious RP community and we only accept those looking for serious RP.
- We do NOT have an age limit. We base on maturity of person and how they act regardless of their age.
- Mandatory Patrols are on Friday & Saturday at 7:30PM EST / 6:30PM CST. We can make exceptions to this rule. We can discuss those exceptions during your interview.
- Members are required to be on Teamspeak while on server.
- When entering your name, make sure it is the one you will use in game and on Teamspeak. You can use a made up name or your real name.
- Members name on Steam and Teamspeak must be in following format every time you are on server: [Dept] Name | ##. EXAMPLES: [THP] J. Smith | 5C-11 or [CIV] J. Smith

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Our mandatory patrols are Friday & Saturday 7:30PM EST / 6:30PM CST. *
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