Hens in Pimlico - Vote

This vote is for home owners in Pimlico. It is ONE vote per ADDRESS.

If more than one owner/adult lives at the same address, they still only get ONE vote total.

The purpose of this vote is to determine whether or not Pimlico will allow for hens in accordance to the new Berkeley County Ordinance 23-07-42, adopted July of 2023. Information can be found at the below link. The Civic Club has also summarized the Ordinance as seen in the bulleted items below.

Link: https://berkeleycountysc.gov/wp-content/uploads/docs/ADOPTED-ORD-FOR-DIST.pdf

Residents will still be required to fill out a county application for hens: https://berkeleycountysc.gov/dept/planning/poultry-use-approval-form/

View the links above for the full ordinance issued by Berkeley County, but below are the brass tacks:

  • Keeping of hens is lawful.

  • Number of hens shall comply with the following

    • Minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet (.2296 acres) for the keepings of up to two (2) hens; and

    • For each additional 4500 sq ft (.1 acre) of any residential parcel, one additional hen may be kept, up to eight (8) hens

  • No male chickens/roosters

  • No hens may run at large. All chickens must be contained within the property boundary

  • The owner/occupant shall provide the chickens with a covered, predator proof chicken house that is thoroughly ventilated and sufficient in size to provide for free movement of chickens. Any heat source must comply with all adopted building and electrical codes.

  • Chickens are secured from sunset to sunrise. 

  • Chicken enclosures must be neat and sanitary at all times (no offensive odors)

  • Chickens must have access to continuous food and water

  • Stored food must be kept in rodent proof container

  • Chickens shall be maintained in a healthy condition and receive medical care

  • No chicken house shall be closer than 20 feet to any structure inhabited by someone other than the chicken

  • No chicken shall be kept in a manner so as to create noxious odors or noise of a loud or persistent and habitual nature

  • No hens shall be slaughtered in public view

The vote is:

Yes - In favor of Hens in Pimlico in Accordance to County Rules

No - No Hens in Pimlico.

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