Full Life Gospel Center Member Survey
We are looking for your input about the ministry.  Please take the time to complete the survey so we can hear from you.  Thank You!
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What do you enjoy most about attending services at FLGC?
 What is the least enjoyable part of the services at FLGC?

What is the biggest reason you’re likely to miss church services? (E.g. Work, health reasons, family, etc.)

Do you feel the church welcomes new members and guests?
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 Is there anything we can do to make our church feel more welcoming to new visitors? Please Explain.

How do you feel about the duration of our services? Please check one.
Would you recommend this church to friends or family? Why or why not?

Do you feel that the church provides you with opportunities for spiritual growth?

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How can the Church help you grow spiritually?

Do you arrive at the Sunday Morning Worship service on time at 10 AM?

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If your answer is No, will you share the reason why?

Have you volunteered in the past year? If not, what’s the biggest reason why?

(E.g. Lack of time, lack of awareness of opportunities, etc.)

 Is there an area of ministry that you are interested in volunteering with?

 If you’ve attended a different church recently, was there anything you enjoyed about that church that’s different from ours?

Do you feel connected with and supported by your ministry team and leaders?

If not, how could we serve you better?

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If not, how could we serve you better?
Are there other needs that Full Life can help you with?

On a scale of 1–10, with 1 being “not at all” and 10 being “very,” how satisfied are you as a member of our church?

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