p5.js Showcase Nomination
Hello, world! Thank you for your interest in p5.js. I'm Ashley Kang (she/her), a Google Summer of Code 2019 participant working with the Processing Foundation and mentored by Kate Hollenbach. Did you know version 1.0 of p5.js will be released later this year? This summer, I'm taking over the p5.js website (p5js.org) to curate a new Showcase page of examples for the 1.0 release that celebrates the various ways people are using p5.js to make art, design, code, learning, and open source more interesting and inclusive.

Have you come across a cool p5.js project online, in a classroom, or elsewhere? Maybe it's your own! Nominate the project here to be considered for the Showcase page.

Currently, this form is in English. Give yourself about 5–10 minutes to respond in any length. If you've got any questions or feedback, you can reach me at ashleykang@csu.fullerton.edu. Cheers!
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