2018 - 2019 Event / Activity Volunteer Form

Holy Trinity Home & School Association

Kindly complete this event/activity volunteer form below before our Home-School Association Registration meeting on March 10.

Every family is expected to volunteer! Each chairperson will have a sign-in sheet for you to sign in when you arrive at the event. Sign-in sheets will be submitted to Home School Presidents to mark off that you have helped our school and children by volunteering!

Volunteer for whatever interests you. Each event requires a minimum of two chairpersons. Every chairperson receives a list of all workers who have signed up to help. If you wish to work with a specific person, please include their name. Please keep in mind as you review this form that these events can only happen with parents volunteering to chair and work activities. If you have any questions about an activity or event, please do not hesitate to contact a Home-School Association Officer.

Thank you for your anticipated help and support!

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    You can visit our Home School Association page at our school website to find out more details about these events/activities.
    Halloween Event (K-5) - October
    Catholic School Month - Jan./Feb.
    Sweetheart Dance - Feb.
    Mother Son Event - March
    Pancake Breakfast - May
    Mother's Day Tea - May
    Sports Night (Gr. 5-8) - May
    Field Day - June
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    Fall Clean-Up Day - October/November
    Holiday Stroll - December
    Reading Program - Jan.-Mar.
    Spring Clean-Up Day - April
    Church Bazaar/Dunking Booth - June
    Uniform Store - All School Year
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    Bingo - Certified workers who work 12 nights during the year will receive a $200 credit towards the following year's tuition. In addition, each grade will be assigned one month to provide kitchen help and baked goodies. Sign-ups will be managed separately.
    Fall Fundraiser - September/October
    Boscov's - October
    Clothing Drive - October
    YMCA Night - October
    Tip-Off Tournament (basketball) - November
    Book Fair - November
    No Uniform Coupons - November
    Children's Christmas Fair - December
    Auction - April 2020
    Plant Sale - May
    Golf Tournament - June
    Great Lakes Scrip Fundraising Program (weekly)
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    Co-Ed Soccer
    Boys' Basketball Coach - JV
    Girls' Basketball Coach - JV
    Boys' Basketball Coach - Varsity
    Girls' Basketball Coach - Varsity
    Boys' Baseball Coach
    Girls' Softball Coach
    Cheerleading Coach
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    Please note, all Room Parents, Scout Leaders, Coaches, and any adult who must chaperone a student with allergies must complete a background check and Virtus Training. This is mandated by the Archdiocese of Hartford. If you do not, you will not be allowed to volunteer in that capacity. - Virtus Training is a 3-hour program this is offered at many sites throughout the state. - Due to the large number of volunteers, HTS regretfully cannot cover the expense of $18.50 (subject to change) per person for the background check. - Please speak with Sr. Katie by March 30 about fulfilling these two requirements, so you will be prepared for the 2018-2019 school year.



    Caroline Raynis - Co-President - 203-859-2396 - carolineraynis@gmail.com Lauren Saldamarco - Co-President - 203-928-7232 - lauren@tiretimect.com Lisa Casper - Treasurer - 203-494-5783 - boston31729@yahoo.com Deanna Drumheller - Secretary/Hospitality - rave104@aol.com