Speaker Event Questionnaire
These are the questions you answer if you wanna have paul out to your thingamajig!!!  Or, if you don't like awesome and fun questionnaires, you can email Paul's helper humans here: pa@permies.com.  Huzzah!
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What is the name of your glorious event? *
When and where will your glorious event occur? *
Who are you and your people?  Is it some kind of an organization or something? *
What topics would you like Paul to speak on? Check all that apply. *
What is your favorite email address? (Please note, hotmail and msn don't work for us) *
Where is your event located?  Will Paul need to get in his car?  On a plane?  Can he speak at your event from the comfort of his very own deskchair? *
Let's talk about moneys.  
Lots of times Paul doesn't charge anything if he can do it from his office.
He usually doesn't charge much if it's nearby
He usually cuts you a deal if there are gonna be at least 100 people.  
If he's gonna travel, it's really gotta be worth his while, one way or another.  
How do you see this aspect of Paul speaking at your event working out?
What kind of accommodations are you willing to provide Paul? *
Can Paul bring someone along to help? *
How many folks do you expect to show up? *
How did you hear about Paul Wheaton and his crazy speaking adventures? *
This is a space to write any other thoughts you have. Maybe a poem. Maybe a movie review. A racy joke. A story about a pirate. Or even something about your event or this questionnaire. (This is your chance to explain or elaborate on any answers, mention some important detail that we did not cover on this form.) *
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