Central New York Women's Suffrage
The movement for women’s right to vote, along with movements for civil rights for African Americans, formed one of the largest non-violent campaigns for human rights in U.S. history.

Central New York was nationally important for this movement. We all know about Susan B. Anthony, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Harriet Tubman. But what about the thousands of other suffragists, women and men from all ethnic/racial groups, cultural backgrounds, economic status, and geographic areas? Help us document the whole story!

To commemorate the centennial of legal women’s suffrage in New York State (1917) and the nation (1920), many people in central New York have already done amazing work. This survey will add to current knowledge by identifying historic sites associated with women’s suffrage in ten counties in central New York (Cayuga, Livingston, Monroe, Onondaga, Ontario, Oswego, Seneca, Tompkins, Wayne, and Yates).

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