Got it, Gamers? Part 1
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This week's nonfiction podcast answers these two questions:

(For Men) Why should I not play so many video games?

(For Women) Why should I not date young men who play video games?

Of the two questions above, which one are you most interested in?
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(0:00 - 1:00) What is one positive​ habit that the narrator has taught himself?
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(1:00 - 2:15) According to the narrator, how do you get an A in college?
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(2:15 - 2:56) The narrator first instructs you to visualize 10 people. What, in general, do they look like?
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(2:56 - 3:35) The narrator next instructs you to visualize 10 more people. What, in general, do they look like?
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(3:35 - 5:09) "Fight to the Death!" Which team wins?
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(5:09 - 6:41) What happened several hundred thousand years ago in our brains, that allowed us to believe in more complex hierarchies?
(6:41 - 7:55) How are chimpanzee hierarchies structured differently from those of humans?
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(7:55 - 9:35) According to the narrator's assertion about mitochondrial DNA studies, which of the following is true?
As the audio ends, the narrator is describing the hierarchical structure of:
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