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Report Predatory Actors (Individuals and Organizations) or Acts of Predation (Nonconformity to Laws and Regulations ( by Individuals or Organizations in Positions of Power
Originally created in 2012 for the finance industry sector, by 2020, the service covered all major industry sectors.

If you feel that a person in government (ministry, agency, department or state-run corporation) or a person in a government-regulated business sector, in a position of power is doing you harm (acting in a manner that does not conform to laws and regulations (, then complete this form for possible help.  Examples include:

* Physical Violence
* Fraud
* Bribery
* Money Laundering
* Blackmail
* this is an incomplete list

Since 2012, this website is a global (accessible in up to 118 countries; see: public service provided by a private Canada-based, for-profit company, named MQCC™ incorporated as MortgageQuote Canada Corp.

While filing a report is free of cost, depending on your situation, the service to help you may require payment of fees in advance or upon resolution, or both.

Finally, not every case can be responded to; it is a big world and there are lots of people in power harming innocent people. will try its best to help, if it can. Please note: preference is given to helping persons harmed in the finance sector. Finally, you may directly email: with your complaint, in confidence because this reporting system is not always monitored.

To learn about acts of predation (nonconformity to laws and regulation (, or to understand examples of why a person might need some help, please click this link to learn more.

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Industry Sector Code and Industry Name (choose best option or insert 'other'). Notice; not every industry sector has government regulated activities so depending on your unique situation, Report-A-Predator™ might not be able to help you. *
Nature of your service; what work did you "hire" the person or company to do for you?
Name of the Company you are reporting
Type of Company
Lender, Mortgage Broker, Banker or other (please describe, if "other")
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